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How do the High Holidays leave YOU feeling? 


If you’re tired of nodding off into your prayer book, join us for a High Holiday service that’s meaningful and easy-to-follow. Watch the timeless prayer book come alive with heart warming stories, commentary and down to earth applications.

  • No Membership Fees (every Jew is a member)
  • Special Children's Program
  • Hebrew - English Prayer Books
  • Warm and Friendly Atmosphere 

YOU ARE INVITED to a meaningful and inspiring High Holiday service, in a setting where everyone feels at home and welcome.

You may see yourself as unaffiliated, Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox. At Chabad, we see you as Jewish. No labels. No differences. Chabad is a home for every kind of Jew.

Our services are refreshingly casual, full of explanation and easy to follow. The English-Hebrew prayer book, along with song and commentary, make everyone an active participant. The kids will enjoy special a special Children's service, just for them.

So you’re invited! Services are free, your generous donation is greatly appreciated.. 

All you have to do is  click here to reserve your seats. 

Click here for this year's schedule.